Brookstone Shower Radio

Review by Colin South



Many people enjoy their showers through the use of a shower radio but, unfortunately, not all shower radios were created equal. The Brookstone Shower Radio is nothing short of quality engineering at work. Couple modern design, functionality and ease of use and the Brookstone Shower Radio is what you get.

Being water resistant and steam proof, it is specifically designed to allow direct contact with water while showering. Many units need to be put out of a direct stream of water but not the Brookstone.

  • Splash Resistant Shower Radio
  • AM/FM Digital Tuner
  • High Quality Sound
  • 6 station presets
  • Large digital display

There are many features for this shower radio unit which make it a good buy over lesser models such as the large digital display to easily see the dial while tuning and the large buttons and dials for easier use. You also have a choice of wire antenna or metal, 20-minute timer for auto-shutoff to conserve battery life, and options for mounting, suction to shower wall, or lanyard to hang.

Overall, the Brookstone Shower Radio is a good choice which comes with everything you need in a shower radio. The analog clock, I thought, was a nice feature and eliminates the need for leaning out of the shower to grab a cell phone or watch to check the time. The built in speaker is nice and loud to make sure you can hear your music over the shower. With a suction cup mounting system, there is necessity to be sure there is no space where water can get in behind the cup. If your shower wall is tiled make sure you center the cup on a tile rather then try to get a seal where grouting between tiles will allow for moisture to get in behind it. Just as another side-note, the analog clock does require a “AAA” battery to function.

Check out the reviews by other customers:

By Nancy… This is the best shower radio we have every purchased! first of all, it stays on the shower wall! have had it for almost 2 years and it hasn’t fallen yet! the reception is great and we love this radio!

By Greg… The radio is fantastic. Reception is great. The presets are great. Controls are easy to use. The drawback is the suction cup mount. My first and second radios fell in the tub and drowned. The first one was covered by warranty and the most recent one was not. However,warranty or not, I am so pleased with the product I just ordered my third. Life will not be the same until my new radio arrives.

By Newlyweds… This is the first time we’ve ever had a radio that can be used in the shower. It gives perfect clarity on the radio stations we listen to. We really love the feature that allows us to use 2 or 3 presets so each of us can hop in the shower and begin listening to our favorite station at the push of a button.

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For the price, the Brookstone Shower Radio offers great value for money. This is a quality product that offers lots of features and delivers high sound quality. If you are looking for a good shower radio, this one should definately be on your short list.


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