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If you are looking for a Shower Radio or other ways to play music in the Bathroom, then we want to make sure you have all the facts before buying a product. We shortlisted and reviewed the best selling products in this category that allow you to play music in the Bathroom with an emphasis on sound quality and reliability.

With comprehensive insights into each product coupled with a summary of customer reviews taken from Amazon, we bring the latest information on the best selling Shower Radios and speaker systems.

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Shower Speaker – Wireless Bathroom Speaker with Dock Transmitter

A review by Colin South


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o Wireless External Powered Speaker
o Completely Waterproof
o Strong, clear signal up to 150FT
o 900MHZ Phase Loop Lock circuitry
o Compatible iPod/iPhone/MP3 Players
o Base station keeps your player safe from water

For those who don’t want their electronics damaged in a steamy shower spray, this wireless shower speaker is just the thing for you.

Capable of transmitting from up to 150 feet, the docking station keeps your electronics away from the water. Any device with a 3.5mm audio output can be connected to the Dock Transmitter giving you plenty of options of listening to music in the shower. The Wireless Waterproof Shower Speaker is then placed in the shower area.

Powered by a 900Mhz Phase Loop Lock circuit, it guarantees a strong, clear signal, even through walls or obstacles.

Better than water resistant, this water proof shower speaker system is sure to deliver a clear and intense sound from its dual speakers.  Volume can be controlled right from the speakers, so wet hands need not be too close to your audio equipment.  With such a long range, this docking system can actually be in another room!

The Wireless Waterproof Shower Speaker with Dock Transmitter is compatible with ANY iPod, ANY MP3 Player, ANY audio device with a standard mini-jack output.

Will your iPhone work with this amazing product, you ask?  YES!  Such a truly versatile product must be enjoyed by many.

By Meaghan… I LOVE THIS!!  My iPhone goes right into the dock, I start my shuffle list, and I have all of my favorite music at my fingertips, without worrying about soaking my phone!  Absolutely the best purchase I’ve ever made!!  If only they could do Bluetooth and I could answer my phone, too!!

By Jacob… This is perfect!  My dorm room is about 4 doors from the shower, so I can leave my Zune docked in my room and just take the speaker with me.  It’s great to not have to worry about someone stealing my stuff.  I don’t know how I made it so long without something like this.  And the best part is how great the signal is through concrete walls!

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For those who can’t go without their music and for those who don’t want to, this is a breakthrough product.  The Wireless Waterproof Shower Speaker with Dock Transmitter may very well be the most practical and multi-faceted shower system available today.  Never has one product catered to as many options as this one, with the same high sound quality.  It is perfect for the shower singer in all of us!

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Shower CD Player with Radio: Sony ICF-CD73W

A review by Colin South



o Splash Resistant Shower CD Radio
o AM/FM/Weather Band
o LCD Clock and Timer Count Down
o 5 Direct Access Buttons
o Compatible iPod/iPhone/MP3 Players
o Battery operation allows portable use

Everyone needs something to brighten up their day.  The Sony ICF-CD73W AM/FM/Weather Shower CD Clock Radio is sure to help.  Capable of holding 20 presets and playing your favorite compact discs, this compact shower CD Player and Radio is sure to be a necessity.

Being battery operated, it is truly portable, and ideal for the bathroom, spa, beach, or anywhere where a wall outlet is unavailable.

This Sony Shower CD Clock Radio features 5 Direct Access™ Buttons, which allow tuning to your favorite radio stations with the touch of a button.  A count down timer will keep you on schedule, and the high contrast digital clock and large display shows you the current time.  The highly visible display lets you see even in darkness.

It also includes a 6V DC in jack, to use an optional AC adaptor.  This is possibly the most versatile shower radio on the market.  Sony has configured this water resistant radio to play CD-R and CD-RW formats so you always have to right music on hand.  The hanging strap allows practical functionality to hang it from the shower head, doorknob, or towel hook.

With its sleek and compact design, the Sony ICF-CD73W is sure to be aesthetically pleasing.  Top that with the numerous functions this unit performs, and Sony has produced yet another winner.  Here is what some fans think of this Shower CD Clock Radio.

Customer comments on this product:

By Boomer… I went out and researched high and low the many different models/varieties of Shower Radios (The features I focused upon were: Water resistance/water proofing, sound quality, sound volume and overall product quality/durability, etc.) and this one kept coming back to me and the many review I had read upon it as to having all the features deemed good in selecting this product! After having the Sony ICF-CD73W Shower Radio/CD now for close to a year, I am very pleased with the radio unit and love the quality and volume that this little baby puts out!!! Although one might be a bit taken aback by the higher price in comparison to some other Shower Radio/CD units, all-in-all it ends up being well worth it, as some of the other Shower radios I had purchased in the past at a lesser price just never to cut it (i.e. Their overall quality/construction of unit and the sound from them). As the old adage goes; “You get what you pay for”… So I give this a Sony Shower Radio/CD (The Sony ICF-CD73W) a “Highly Recommended” review!!

By Arthur… The Sony shower radio w/CD is great. The sound quality is exceptional. I don’t have any windows in my bathroom, and every other shower radio I’ve ever had only played 1 station with static. This radio not only plays every station, Am or Fm, it also has presets for 10 stations in either format, CD and different timers to set.  It’s wonderful to be able to listen to my favorite music when I shower.

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You can play CD’s, hear the weather, and program your favorite stations.  Add to it the glorious sound quality, convenience, and accessibility at your fingertips and you have Sony, the right choice.


Sony Shower Radio ICFS79W

Review by Colin South



o Splash Resistant Shower Radio
o AM/FM/Weather Band
o 20 Memory Presets
o Digital Clock and Countdown Timer
o Large high-contrast Display
o Supplied with Hanging Strap

Clear sound, easy to use, and stylish design…everything you expect from a brand like Sony.

The Sony ICFS79W AM/FM/Weather Band Digital Tuner Shower Radio is a splash resistant, multi-band radio that features a weather band and 20 memory presets.

It also features a built in digital clock, and countdown timer for those mornings that you’re running late for work.  This shower radio has an automatic off timer for the forgetful ones, too.  With its easy grip design, you won’t miss the buttons with soapy hands, either.

Supplied with a hanging strap, it is perfect for hanging over a door knob, towel rack, or shower head, and is a perfect addition to a spa, sauna, shower, or hot tub.

Memory presets at the push of one button is the ultimate in convenience, and a large high-contrast display ensures you know what it is tuned to on those sleepy mornings.

You can’t go wrong with a name like Sony.  Known for premium sound and ease of use, this shower radio offers all features with a great low price.  See what some other users have to say.

By Phil… Honestly, I got on here to see if there were any newer shower radio’s than this 7 year old Sony that I own. Yes, you read correctly, I have had this unit forever. It simply won’t die. It works great but I am a gadget guy and was seeing if there was some new shower sound technology out there. After looking through what is out there, I’ll stick with this unit. I always just have it sitting on my towel rack. It sounds great and is super durable. It takes “C” batteries and I only have to change them every couple of years. I have knocked it off the rack several times over the years and when it hits the tile floor, the battery cover, batteries and the volume dial go blasting off in different directions. When that happens I always say some expletive and think “well, that’s the end of that radio”. But I stick the batteries back in, put the cover on and press the volume knob on and it fires right back up. It literally won’t die. I highly recommend this unit. If you want something that will last you a very long time, get this shower radio!

By Christine… This is one of the best Shower radios I ever had! Crystal clear sound on all channels. I love the count down timer and it’s so easy to set. Its compact size and easily read digital clock makes it an attractive item in our shower! I highly recommend this item! Purchased at Amazon for a great low price!

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With its compact design, easy to use features, and amazing sound quality, this unit is sure to be exactly what you’re looking for.  A quartz synthesized tuner ensures tuning accuracy, while its large speaker produces a strong sound to be heard over running water.  You’re routine has just become more entertaining!


Brookstone Shower Radio

Review by Colin South



Many people enjoy their showers through the use of a shower radio but, unfortunately, not all shower radios were created equal. The Brookstone Shower Radio is nothing short of quality engineering at work. Couple modern design, functionality and ease of use and the Brookstone Shower Radio is what you get.

Being water resistant and steam proof, it is specifically designed to allow direct contact with water while showering. Many units need to be put out of a direct stream of water but not the Brookstone.

  • Splash Resistant Shower Radio
  • AM/FM Digital Tuner
  • High Quality Sound
  • 6 station presets
  • Large digital display

There are many features for this shower radio unit which make it a good buy over lesser models such as the large digital display to easily see the dial while tuning and the large buttons and dials for easier use. You also have a choice of wire antenna or metal, 20-minute timer for auto-shutoff to conserve battery life, and options for mounting, suction to shower wall, or lanyard to hang.

Overall, the Brookstone Shower Radio is a good choice which comes with everything you need in a shower radio. The analog clock, I thought, was a nice feature and eliminates the need for leaning out of the shower to grab a cell phone or watch to check the time. The built in speaker is nice and loud to make sure you can hear your music over the shower. With a suction cup mounting system, there is necessity to be sure there is no space where water can get in behind the cup. If your shower wall is tiled make sure you center the cup on a tile rather then try to get a seal where grouting between tiles will allow for moisture to get in behind it. Just as another side-note, the analog clock does require a “AAA” battery to function.

Check out the reviews by other customers:

By Nancy… This is the best shower radio we have every purchased! first of all, it stays on the shower wall! have had it for almost 2 years and it hasn’t fallen yet! the reception is great and we love this radio!

By Greg… The radio is fantastic. Reception is great. The presets are great. Controls are easy to use. The drawback is the suction cup mount. My first and second radios fell in the tub and drowned. The first one was covered by warranty and the most recent one was not. However,warranty or not, I am so pleased with the product I just ordered my third. Life will not be the same until my new radio arrives.

By Newlyweds… This is the first time we’ve ever had a radio that can be used in the shower. It gives perfect clarity on the radio stations we listen to. We really love the feature that allows us to use 2 or 3 presets so each of us can hop in the shower and begin listening to our favorite station at the push of a button.

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For the price, the Brookstone Shower Radio offers great value for money. This is a quality product that offers lots of features and delivers high sound quality. If you are looking for a good shower radio, this one should definately be on your short list.


Shower Radio – Sangean H201 AM/FM Shower Radio

Review by Colin South


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  • AM/FM digital shower radio
  • Water resistant to JIS7 standard
  • Large, easy-to-read backlit LCD
  • 10 station presets and auto seek
  • Easy-to-apply bracket and hanger

Can’t live without music? If you have always wished you could take music with you everywhere, we have just the product for you.

The Sangean H201 AM/FM Digital Shower Radio can go with you to the bathroom or the kitchen. Take it to the beach, or on a boat, as it meets water proofing requirements for marine standards.

This Sangean portable radio has a built in AM/FM antenna, and digital tuning. You can set your 10 must-have stations, and there is even an auto seek feature to get them quickly! With a bracket and hanger included, you have multiple options to place this radio, providing maximum convenience for you, with no drilling required!

The Sangean H201 has a stylish appearance. Done in a tasteful white with large easy to use buttons and a soft orange backlit LCD screen, it is sure to be appealing to the eye. Although it’s compact size is a real space saver, it has sound that is robust and rich.

With sound and reception rivaling any other manufacturer, this Sangean shower radio will be a hit! As a safety feature, this shower radio comes equipped with an emergency LED light, just incase the power goes out. It also has an automatic shut off timer, so you won’t have to worry about dead batteries next time.

Sangean offers a thirty day warranty on the H201 AM/FM Digital Shower Radio. They are 100% committed to your satisfaction with this product. With all of the features, benefits, and warranty available, how could this not be a fool-proof purchase? For some added security, see what some real users have to say.

By Steve… I spent a lot of time reviewing other waterproof shower radios, and this one seemed to have a lot of customer satisfaction. I’ve been using this radio for about 4 weeks now. Such a big improvement of the previous radio I was using. The sound quality is very good and the signal reception is excellent. I use it in the basement bathroom and even tucked away in the shower in the basement, it manages to pull in the stations I had trouble receiving with the previous radio. Very nice.

By Will… I bought mine from Amazon approx. 2 years ago and have been using it every day since. The sound is great and I have no problem hearing it in the shower. One time, it actually fell and hit the shower floor and it didn’t break, thankfully! We found the best way to hang it is to use the strap. You can tell it is of good quality- it doesn’t feel like a lightweight piece of junk. It’s a very good radio!

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Stylish appearance, digital tuning and presets, marine quality water resistance in a compact, portable shower radio for a reasonable price. You can have impeccable sound quality, durability, and versatility that you can take virtually anywhere. Perhaps you should try one for yourself.

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